How Do Back Present's Endorphin Roses Work?


You may have heard a lot about Endorphins, the Happiness Hormones and body's very own Natural Painkillers, but what are these exactly? Endorphins are the body's "Feel-Good" Chemicals that interact with the brain receptors to help you feel relaxed, less impacted by pain and be in a better mood.

Lower levels of Endorphins are often observed for Fibromyalgia Patients yet these chemicals are the body's very own Natural Painkillers and Happiness Hormones.

The Back Present Mat® and Pillow® stimulate more than 5,000 Bespoke Contacts on your skin that tell your brain to regulate the mild sensation of tingling with an "Endorphin Rush". An intense feeling of Wellness and Pleasure that makes you feel relaxed, relieve your pain and even conquer insomnia. 


Pain takes over the body and often affects the mood too, especially when it's chronic. Anxiety works the same way. Be patient and be kind to yourself. The Back Present Mat® and Pillow® are our patented medical device that puts light pressure on your back, neck and shoulders so you can release Endorphins, the Body's very own Natural Painkillers. The repeated experience of Wellness leads you to become Present to your Body and to do more of what makes you feel good. Every Fibromyalgia Patient is unique and how pain feels to you will vary (Bupa). Trust how you feel and move forward onto your Fibromyalgia Journey. We Have Your Back 🙏


We are a UK Family Company specialising in Fibromyalgia pain relief and our aim is to provide the best products and guidance that our extensive experience can offer.


  • My partner bought me two products for Christmas- best presents I’ve ever received!!!!!

    I’ve suffered with fibromyalgia for over 13 years and the pillow has been amazing for tension in my neck, especially when it’s causing another headache!!!!. So great to be able to use a natural remedy rather than taking more medication. I’d highly recommend any follow suffering person to try the products.

    January 2019, Lexy M. (Instagram)

  • This mat is officially my ultimate top tip favourite aid in my fibromyalgia journey 💜

    I found you guys on a late night desperate search for something that could help me sleep and help fibromyalgia 💜 I use this mat every single day and every night before bed 💜 Huge Thank You back present people 💜

    May 2018, Emma M. (Instagram)