You're a Beautiful Cheetah, What you should know about how Fibromyalgia affects your body


The Fight-or-Flight Response

Although “it’s not clear why some people develop Fibromyalgia – the exact cause is unknown but it’s likely that a number of factors [including trauma] are involved” (NHS) – Fibromyalgia leaves your body in a constant fight-or-flight response.

This means that both your muscles and your fascia are ready for battle or to flight, such like a Cheetah, which – interesting fact – can accelerate from 0 to 60 miles/h in an absurd 3 seconds flat, making it faster than a Ferrari, McLaren F1 or Lamborghini! 

The Rest-and-Digest Response

The fight-or-flight response provides strength in emergency situations and can be lifesaving in the short term, but when having Fibromyalgia, sustained tightness of the fascia (the connective tissue in the body that holds the muscles and internal organs together) leads to tissue inflammation and painful adhesions and knots, also called trigger points. 

In Fibromyalgia, daily effort must be made to reduce the fight-or-flight response and its negative effects on the body but making any change in lifestyle can be hard, especially when you feel exhausted and in pain. Yet the key is to shift the body back into the rest-and-digest response as often as you can.


The Back Present Mat® and Pillow®

Be patient and be kind to yourself. Back Present is a little bit of grace fallen your way. Simply lie on your Back Present Mat® and Pillow® and with a few deep slow breaths, let your body come to a place of Deep Relaxation and Feeling of Wellness.

The Back Present Mat® and Pillow® are our patented medical device that puts light pressure on your back, neck and shoulders so you can release Endorphins, the Body's very own Natural Painkillers. The repeated experience of Wellness leads you to become Present to your body and do more of what makes you feel good. Every Fibromyalgia Patient is unique and how pain feels to you will vary (Bupa). Trust how you feel and move forward onto your Fibromyalgia Journey. We Have Your Back 🙏


We are a UK Family Company specialising in Fibromyalgia pain relief and our aim is to provide the best products and guidance that our extensive experience can offer.


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