Frequently Asked Questions

How does back present work?
When lying on your back present, the spikes stimulate the nerves under your skin and when you feel a bearable tingling sensation for a couple of minutes, you then get a rush of pleasure and feeling of euphoria for 30 to 45 minutes. This intense wellness helps you achieve pain relief.

Directions of use (and is back present painful?)
At first, you may wear a light cotton t-shirt if your skin is sensitive and to progressively get used to the spikes. As you repeat your sessions, your skin will get used to the spikes and to further help, you may use your back present in the morning when you wake up and your muscles are less tight. For a less intense sensation, you may also lean against your back present at the back of a sofa or armchair instead of lying on your back present on your bed or on the floor. The benefits won’t be diminished and soon you’ll be looking forward to your next session, and sessions directly on your skin. Don’t give up to the tingling sensation for a minute or two, deeply relax and finally embrace the wellness, the euphoria and the feeling of your pain that is relieved, like for 95% of our customers how love back present. You still get 30 days to try your back present and you may always return it and get 100% reimbursed, shall you really be not satisfied – so no risks taken!

When and how often shall I use my back present?
You may use your back present at any time of the day and evening and as often as you wish to relieve your pain. To get the most out of your back present, use it almost daily.

Can I be hurt with back present?
As you repeat your sessions, your skin will get used to the spikes and there are no risks of getting hurt with back present when you use it according to the directions of use. However, you should always manipulate your back present carefully because of the spikes. You shall not lie your face on back present and be careful when children are around.

Who should not use back present?
Advocating a holistic approach to health and pain self-management, back present should be used to supplement rather than replace regular care by your doctor. It is not intended to replace medical treatments and you should seek advice to your physician or GP if you take medications and are not sure you can use back present. You should not use back present if you have haemophilia, high/low blood pressure, cardiovascular disease, epilepsy, among other diseases or if you are pregnant. All efforts have been made to assure the accuracy of the information provided and we disclaim liability for any medical outcomes that may occur as a result of applying the practice suggested.

What if I have a scar or tattoo on my back?
There are no risks using back present if the healing of your scar is complete or if your tattoo is not new.

Can I sleep on my back present?
You may fall asleep on your back present, especially in the evening, due to the intense feeling of wellness although this feeling may only last for 45 minutes at its maximum.

Have the benefits of back present been clinically proven?
Researches are ongoing.

How do returns work?
You have 30 days to try back present and you can return it to the following address after notifying us in an email to to get your return tracking number. You shall wrap your parcel securely and ask for a receipt as proof of sending to the Post Office. Returns will be credited to the original method used for payment and refunds can take 3 to 5 working days (Monday to Friday, excluding bank holidays) to show in your account.

How can I wash my back present?
You can remove the natural linen cover of your back present and gently hand wash it. Do not put your back present in a washing machine. 

Please contact us if you have any question.